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Featured Project: Community Voice

Community Voice’s purpose is to raise fresh awareness of the severity of the climate crisis and to inspire world leaders to take direct action. They do this by amplifying real life stories from local communities, interviews with tribal leaders, educators and field workers. 

Around the world, communities who suffer most from climate change have contributed the least to the crisis. Through programs like REDD+ and advocates like Everland, there are thousands of opportunities to support community members with resources and funding through investments in healthcare, education, water and other infrastructure, income-generating enterprises, and direct job creation.

These international communities face ongoing threats such as peat-rich rainforest degradation (referred to as ‘climate bombs’), historic threats to wildlife and domesticated animals (the primary source of income for many communities), anarchic slash and burn (devastating thousands of hectares monthly), and historic droughts that wreak havoc on refuge crises around the world (Kenya is facing its worst draught in 80 years).

Community members are among the people best poised to contribute solutions because they know their local ecosystems best. With the proper resources and action by world leaders, communities can get engaged and serve as a major human resource for on-the-ground community-driven, market-based conservation solutions.

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You’ve probably noticed when you search for nearly anything on Google, the first thing you see (after a bunch of ads) is a series of questions and answers. Google’s evolved into the primary way we find answers that lead to relevant content.

Consider this: the average visitor to your site probably has the same two or three questions in mind. Determining what those questions are and tooling your website to preemptively answer those questions through smart, effective messaging puts new visitors at ease and builds trust between your visitors and your site’s content.

What's your preferred CMS?FAQ What's your preferred CMS?FAQ

With few exceptions, the answer is WordPress. Its vast plugin technology, ease of use and ability to scale makes it the most popular CMS platform in the world.

Do you use third-party Wordpress themes? FAQ Do you use third-party Wordpress themes? FAQ

No, all our WordPress sites are built from the ground up for clean, lightweight code with minimal use of third-party plugins.

Do you provide hosting?FAQ Do you provide hosting?FAQ

No, our provider of choice for websites built on WordPress is Austin, TX-based WPEngine. Their entire hosting technology is built for optimized page load speed along with premium site security and 24/7 customer support. For projects that require a more specialized solution, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a fine option.

What’s the makeup of your team?FAQ What’s the makeup of your team?FAQ

We are a business whose owners work directly with our clients. As a client, you’ll have the benefit of working with a core group of design and business veterans who empathize with and share your concerns and priorities.

Your project’s team is custom tailored to your needs. A typical website design team is comprised of three principals based in Brooklyn who handle all design, project management and technical decisions. And we draw from a diverse pool of dedicated specialists for services such as advanced SEO, video production and illustration.

Do you build accessible websites?FAQ Do you build accessible websites?FAQ

Yes, we encourage accessibility whenever possible. Litigation is on the rise, and remediation can be costly. Last we checked, our website’s accessibility score was 90%. Anything above 75% is considered generally acceptable.

Do you offer post-launch services?FAQ Do you offer post-launch services?FAQ

Yes, prior to launch we will set up a time for a brief User Acceptance training session. Post-launch we we can provide you with a priority maintenance retainer as well as support on a per-request basis.

How do you inspire clients to believe Transfuture is right for them?FAQ How do you inspire clients to believe Transfuture is right for them?FAQ

We express interest in the client’s work and show empathy with their situation. We demonstrate that we’re knowledgable and familiar. We then explain our process which we describe as methodical and predictable with milestones and dates, but also allows room for creativity and experimentation.

Lastly, we point them to our reviews on Clutch. They show that professionals like them trust us and had a great experience.

What’s your favorite sandwich?FAQ What’s your favorite sandwich?FAQ

– Easy. Ice cream!


We made the right choice in choosing Transfuture and we’re delighted with them … They listened to the brief much better than the other potential providers. They weren’t trying to put us into a cookie-cutter mold.

- David Doyle, Co-Founder, Forestreet - David Doyle, Co-Founder, Forestreet

Transfuture always replied to me in a timely fashion. I really liked that they differentiated in what they could offer us … The team was responsive and courteous, and they were able to adapt to the challenges presented by the accessibility requirements.

- Anna Hessa, Bard Early College - Anna Hessa, Bard Early College

They were professional, delivered on time, and were very helpful. We achieved everything we set out to do.

- Kamil Nawratil, Founder, VVOX - Kamil Nawratil, Founder, VVOX

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